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Beltline Cat: "Stay Frisky My Friends" | News

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Beltline Cat: "Stay Frisky My Friends"

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Beltline has been a smashing success.

This weekend walkers, joggers and cyclists will pack the trail.

The Beltline was featured in the New York Times a few weeks ago.

For all of the Beltline's laurels, one of its big attractions isn't getting her due:

The Beltline's Eastside Trail is the kind a place where a man can landsurf with a pair of small dogs in tow and cause nary a stir.

Said one local cyclist, "That's what's so cool about the Beltline, everybody can do whatever they want and it becomes part of the city."

So it makes perfect sense that a cat named Piper who lives in a drainage pipe has become a mascot of the trail.

One woman with her small daughter and a friend were talking while watching Piper. "He probably doesn't want to be petted, he's probably a little grumpy. From experience he does not want to be petted."

That's right.  No Piper petting.  However, there is a mailbox whereby admirers leave cards and letters by the hour. It's called Tail Mail.

11Alive's Jeff Hullinger watched as a 20-something woman got off her bike to deliver a letter, and he asked her, "When did you you decide you were going to write a letter to a cat?"

She said, "When I was riding my bike and people were paying homage."

And they are paying homage, not only with correspondence but with Li'l' Whiskas -- the good stuff.

"She inspires me to get some exercise, I feed him, bring my cat food and plastic bags."

Piper accepts the food without fanfare from Gwen Bienimy and her son Omari, and without offering them thanks.

"So today she is being a cat and is ignoring us."

But she does not ignore her fans on social media. Beltline Piper has a popular Facebook page, and has a Twitter account too.

On social media sites, Piper writes that she has advice for all those who use the Beltline -- "Stay Frisky My Friends."